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Achieve e-learning excellence with FUEL’s full-service solution

Ensure training success with FUEL’s team of Learning and Development specialists! Available to you whenever you need us.

Ensuring training success requires more than just a great LMS. Although the FUEL LMS is designed to deliver outstanding training results, the true magic lies in our Learning and Development team. FUEL Co-Lab ensures that your LMS, and learners, are supported and guided towards fulfilling your organisation’s strategic goals.

How we can help you to achieve your goals

In depth consultation
Training needs analysis
Curricula development
Bespoke LMS development
Training material creation
Hardware installation
Software integration
Customer Support Centre
Academy Management

Already have an L&D Team in-house? No problem!

Our team is happy to be a part of your extended team by supporting you and assisting in the background wherever you need us, in order to ensure that you are able to deliver great L&D to your organisation, day in and day out.


Co-Lab Platform Managment

Platform Management

Platform management is a head office service provision and ensures that every aspect of the technology platform remains FUEL’s responsibility. This includes learner management, content management and deployment, assessment and reporting as well as data mining and research. 

Co-Lab Content management

Content Management

Content management is a head office service provision which allows our clients to make use of our expertise to research, write and create digital content for their business. This is offered on both a retainer basis and allows for production margins on all work created by FUEL.

Co-Lab hardware supply and management

Hardware Supply and Management

Hardware supply and management is provided at location level and provides our clients with the ability to outsource the entire hardware supply, implementation and maintenance portion of an Online Academy.

Co-lab Learner Support

Learner Support

This is a per-site / per-learner support charge which allows our clients to make use of our specialist learner support services for the duration of their contract. It is an integral part of our service provision and allows for direct support to learners and site managers when met with learning and learner support challenges on the ground.

Co-Lab Software Licencing

Software Licensing

Software licensing is the centre of the service provision and facilitates the primary pillars of our relationship with our clients and learners. Those being the management of each learner in the programs, the management of the content they require, their assessments as well as accurate reporting to all levels.

Co-Lab Content Licensing

Content Licensing

We have an ever-increasing course library which delivers cutting-edge training content to learners, fully SCORM compliant and ready to use in your existing LMS, or on FUEL’s platform. From business readiness skills development, to health and safety and compliance, we’ve got learning content that’s just right for you and your team.